Daily Archives: August 17, 2006

So what about Romanticism? Does it really exist?

Just kidding, of course.

This part of the earlier thread got a little lost, so I thought I’d pull it out and offer it again, mostly because I think it gives us another angle on the periodization questions we’ve been debating.

But I also think that there are loads of interesting writers (mostly poets and novelists, though I’d put memoir-writers in this category, too) who, if taught at all, were taught as pre-romantics or “anticipations” of better writers. It’s a pretty good example of how published literary histories affected the appreciation of a whole range of works that are now being reread and discussed more fully.

I’d love to hear some teaching strategies for taking on, say, Cowper’s poetry or Hays’ novels in our courses. So how do we put some of the new literary histories into practice?